Contact a WCE Rep


All licensed Competition Bodies are required to have a WCE Representative present during their championship/s to sanction the event. WCE Representatives are all WCE certified judges who have gone through additional training to qualify them as official WCE Reps.*

This is to ensure that the championship/s are being run according to the rules and regulations, and to offer support for any arbitration.


The role of the WCE Rep is to support and assist Competition Bodies in their championships by leading the national judges training with the WCE materials and overseeing the championship/s as a whole. The WCE Rep encourages alignment with WCE Standards, Protocols, and Practices.

WCE Representatives are to support the Head Judges in national competitions. Representatives should act as a resource for information and mentor the head judges from each nation.


* Competition Bodies MUST have WCE Rep onsite for their sanctioned National Barista, Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Brewers Cup, Coffee Roasting Championships.

** Competition Bodies are highly encouraged to invite our WCE Certified Judges to their sanctioned events including judge workshops, regional, and national competitions as a resource to calibrate the national judges to the world level.

Certified WCE Reps: