Project Description

Łukasz Jura

I started working in coffee in 2004 as a part-time barista. Right after winning the Polish Barista Championships in 2007 I moved to Norway, where I started working in Stockfleth’s. That was my biggest adventure with discovering speciality coffee at that time, and it led me to win the World Aeropress Championships in 2009. A few years later I came back to Poland where I now work with fantastic group of people in Coffee Proficiency, a coffee roastery, based in Krakow, Poland. For many years I’ve been coaching a lot of baristas for competitions, also giving lectures and trainings.


2007 – Polish Barista Champion, 10th Place in WBC
2009 – World Aeropress Champion
2009 – First national judging experience, later on judging in neighbour countries
Since 2014 – WBrC and WBC Certified Sensory Judge