WCE Licensed Competition Bodies

A Competition Body* (CB) is a licensed entity who has been granted a license to organize Championships for their community in accordance with World Coffee Events Rules & Regulations. One of the benefits of a CB is that they can send their National Champion to participate in the World Coffee Championships, and represent their community on a global stage.

The CB License is primarily granted to established SCA Chapters, who have demonstrated capacity to support championships. A CB License may also be granted to an entity who is not an SCA Chapter, if it meets the requirements and procedures. All CB Licenses are authorized by WCE & SCA annually and subject to regular review and/or cancellation.

*Competitions Body were previously recognized by SCA/WCE as National Body until Sept 2019. This has now been updated to the name Competition Body.

Competition Body Requirements and Procedures

Every Competition Body must meet all relevant criteria in the documents below, and must follow all of the necessary steps in the procedures each year. This is important to ensure that all competitors have the chance to take part in high-quality, sanctioned championships, and are prepared and supported to represent their community on the World Coffee Championships stages.

Forming New Competition Bodies

First, does your community already have a CB? A full list of existing Competitions Bodies can be found below. Please note that there may be only one CB License per location. If a CB already exists in your region, and you would like to get involved, please get in touch with them directly.

If a CB does not already exist in your area, please refer to the “Process for New Competition Bodies” section of the Requirements for Competition Bodies document above.

Competition Bodies Around the Globe

Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about WCE Competition Bodies, or need to get in touch with the team? Please use the contact form on this page to contact one of the Regional Community Directors (RCD).

  • Mansi Chokshi, Regional Community Director for the Americas
  • Kyonghee Shin, Regional Community Director for Asia-Pacific
  • Jackie Malone, Regional Community Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa