Project Description

Yoshi-Kato-2Yoshi Kato

Bontain Coffee co., LTD.

Since 2003, president of Bontain Coffee co.,Ltd.(Roaster in Japan). Role: Direct Trade,Quality Control and Coffee retail shop and cafe operation.

WBC Certified Sensory Judge 2009-2018 (Head Judge at WBC2013-16)

World Brewers Cup Certified Sensory Judge 2013-2014

World Coffee In Good Spirits Sensory Judge 2013-2018 (Head Judge at WCIGS2016 Final and WCIGS 2013 Final)

World Coffee Events representative 2013-2016

Specialty Coffee Association of Japan(SCAJ), Vice-chair 2012-2013

Alliance for Coffee Excellence(ACE), Board of Director 2010-2013