Project Description

Nora Šmahelová

Born 1980 in Prague (Czech Republic), lives and works today in Berlin (Germany)

Nora has started to work in the coffee industry as part time barista back in 1999 while she was studying east asian and indian history of arts and later on product design at the university of arts in Berlin.
Being a barista for her was just about earning money for her living and for being able to pursue her creative activities. She had the first contact with specialty coffee after she won the german barista championship and was participating at the WBC in Oslo.

After completing her university degree in Industrial Design she has been working as product designer until she decided to open Chapter One Coffee Berlin in winter 2011 and is continuing her creative activities on freelance basis.

Since 2003: Judging first in national competitions and after also abroad
Since 2011: Coaching and training of competitors, consulting and seminars
2011: WBC certified technical judge
2011/2012: Member of the board of SCAE german chapter
Since 2012: WBC certified sensory judge and WBrC certified judge
Since 2014: WCE representative
Since 2015: Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Coffee Profilers Berlin