Arseny Kuznetsov representing Russia is the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Champion!

After four incredible days of competing in the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC), Arseny Kuznetsov is the latest World Coffee Champion! Twenty three competitors took part inn the competition, hosted at Taiwan International Coffee Show in Taipei, Taiwan. Every competitor went through green bean evaluation, sample roasting, production roasting, and blend roasting stages. In 2nd and 3rd place respectively, were Bogdan Georgescu of Romania, and Mateusz Karczweski Karczewski representing Poland.

Congratulations again and well done to all the competitors, and a huge thank you to the judges, volunteers, and sponsors who make this event possible! Full scores and rankings will be released soon!

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2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship Sponsors

Title Sponsor: Savor Brands

Qualified Sponsors: Urnex, Pentair/Everpure

Equipment Partners: Giesen Coffee Roasters, Stronghold, Compak, Woots Roaster

Gold Sponsor: RoastTing Coffee

Origin Trip Sponsor: Capricornio Coffee

Green Coffee Sponsors: Ally Coffee, HARU Coffee Company, Olam, Black Gold Specialty Coffee, WESOURCE

Product Partners: Cropster, Lighttells, Soaring Phoenix Trading Co., Purefresh, Café Lulu, Akira, Cojaft International Co.

Event Partners: iDrip, The Place, Pacific Bag

Brew Bar Equipment Partners: Clever Dripper, Brewista, Purefresh, RoastTing Coffee

Brew Bar Coffee Sponsors: Zhou-Wu Cafe, Coffee Ling Café, Simple Kaffa Roasting Company, Soaring Phoenix Trading Co., Rec Coffee, RoastTing Coffee