Project Description

Wokorach Micheal
Uganda Coffee Development Authority And Greatlakes Roastery

Please tell us a little about yourself: 

I started university in 2013, pursuing a Bachelors degree in food science, and started in coffee that same year. I enrolled for an internship in my second year at Uganda Coffee Development Authority, gaining interest in barista skills, before competing and winning the 2015 inter-university competiton. I finished school, continued with my career, and I’m now the Uganda Barista Champion, and working as the head of coffee at Great Lakes Roastery.

What are you excited to do in Boston?:

I want to learn as much as I can.

Please list the coffee competitions you have participated in, what year they took place, and your results:

2015 Interuniversity Champion
2015 Semi Finals
2017 1st Runner Up
2018 Champion

Where do you see yourself in five years?:

I will be an inspiration to the young generation, and motivate them to take their carreer seriously.

What are your interests outside of coffee?:

I am a basketball player and also do a lot of research studies.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or recognize, or who helped you to prepare for the WBC?:

Yes, the Almighty, My Mum, Clare From Uganda Coffee Development Authority, Andy from Great Lakes Roastery, my fellow competitors, and Dale Harris.

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