World Competitions Educational Program (WCEP)

World Competitions Educational ProgramThe World Competitions Educational Program consists of modules developed by World Coffee Events, designed to provide competition training for all interested parties.

These modules are open to aspiring judges, national judges, competitors, or any interested party, and focus on understanding competition from a judging perspective. Instructional modules cover Rules & Regulations, score sheets, judges’ stage behavior, and focus on the competencies required of a world-level judge that are tested in WCE’s Judge Certification. Taking the WCEP can help in learning judging skills, understanding how competitions are scored, and improving overall competition knowledge.

The WCEP counts as one year of Competition Body judging experience, for those who are aiming to take WCE Judge Certification test to become a WCE Certified Judge! After completing a WCEP date, applicants must wait at least 1 months before applying for a WCE Judge Certification. This is the minimum amount of time required to apply the skills learned at a WCEP.

Upcoming Dates and Locations for WCEPs

  • Sharjah, UAE (Archers Coffee)
    • 21-24 November 2019
    • Brewers Cup, Barista, and Latte Art modules
    • Pricing: 3,500 AED
    • For more information, contact Dave Peralta — [email protected], +971523085072
  • Oslo, Norway
    • 26-28 November 2019
    • Brewers Cup & Barista modules
    • Pricing: 4350 NOK
    • Register here before Nov 17