Photos by Rodrigo Torii for World Coffee Events.

2018 World Brewers Cup Scores & Rankings.

Here are the complete rankings and scores for each round of the 2018 World Brewers Cup, which took place Nov 7-9th at Brazil International Coffee Week.

Congratulations and well done to all competitors on the world stage!

Watch each competitor’s World Brewers Cup performance here.

Title Sponsor: Hario
Qualified Sponsors: Ditting, Urnex, Pentair/Everpure
Equipment Partner: Wilbur Curtis
Official Origin Trip Sponsor: Ally Coffee
Coffee Sponsor: Café Taf
Equipment Sponsors: ChemexBrewistaKalita
Product Sponsors: CleverBSCA & ApexBrasilGanzarolli
Event Sponsors: VST Inc.
Judge Program Sponsors: Capricornio Coffees, Monte Alegre Coffees