Today, the Specialty Coffee Association is releasing updated rules & regulations for the 2024 World Barista Championship (WBC), which takes place at World of Coffee Busan, Korea, May 1-4.

This year’s rules changes are focused on minor language clarifications to current practices around judging, conflicts of interest, and the milk beverage. Additionally, the tactile experience section of the espresso evaluation protocol has been updated.

Updates to the rules & regulations are overseen by the WCC Competitions Strategic Committee, a volunteer leadership group that meets regularly to work on strategic initiatives, including rules updates, that foster the competition community and keep the competitions moving forward. Last year’s updates to the WBC rules and regulations saw wide-ranging updates, including new scoring scales to better reflect where our coffee value assessment systems are headed, an adjustment to the weighting of categories to reflect the skills and focus of the competition, more options in how to prepare the milk beverage, and a wider range of temperatures for brewing espresso. We look forward to seeing the impact of these and future changes over the coming WCC seasons.

For any questions on the 2024 WBC rules, please use the form below.