It’s hard to believe the World Barista Championship is in it’s sixteenth year! As the skills and trends of the coffee community continue to evolve and shape the competition, the WBC Evolution Group has been working tirelessly to bring  changes to the competition format that both respect its heritage, and result in a more dynamic, engaging, and fair WBC, in Dublin and beyond!

Here is a recap of all of the Rules and Regulation changes that are going into effect this year.

WBC Qualified Kit

We’ve seen the quality and skill level of WBC competitors get stronger over the sixteen years since the competition’s inception, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Standardising the espresso machine and grinding equipment for everyone shifts the spotlight to the skill and passion shown on stage by our sixty (60) competitors.


2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic

This year, two (2) qualified Mahlkönig grinders are permitted for the WBC—the EK43 and the K30 Vario Air. With additional support from Mahlkönig, a verification service will be introduced this year, to allow competitors to bring their own grinders of the same make and model, as long as no changes have been made from the base configuration. The Victoria Arduino Black Eagle also returns to the WBC Qualified Kit, bringing excellence in equipment technology together with professional coffee craft.

Milk Drink

With over 60 national bodies sending representatives to Dublin, we can expect the WBC in 2016 to be the most diverse competition ever. Embracing and encouraging the diversity of the worldwide coffee community is at the heart of WCE’s mission, and we are excited to extend this to the milk drink course.

Beginning in Dublin, the traditional cappuccino course has been replaced with a “milk beverage” course, which allows the competitor to determine the desired ratio of espresso to milk. This beverage still consists of a single shot of espresso and steamed cow’s milk, however this variable ratio will allow for more creativity and autonomy on the part of the competitor.

We’ve already seen exciting results at national body level by re-defining the milk drink course, and giving the competitors more freedom to highlight the unique flavours in their coffee, as they determine. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens at the WBC!


As the WBC grows, the world is tuning in to watch these barista competitors’ every purge, tamp, and pour. It’s important that the excitement felt at the event is just as palpable for viewers at home and online. That’s why we are delighted to be introducing Live Scoring in Dublin.

Scores and rankings from Round One will be viewable both online and on-site, updated after each performance. This dynamic new addition will only be in effect during the preliminary rounds. We can’t wait to join in the excitement of live scoring with you!

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