We’re just a few short days from the start of the 17th annual World Barista Championship, a showcase of the finest in espresso-based barista talent, and the 5th annual World Brewers Cup, the championship for manually-brewed coffee. These events are hosted by World Coffee Events (WCE), in conjunction with the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’s World Of Coffee Dublin Show, June 22-25th. The competitions are preceded by Re:co Symposium, an international gathering of leaders in coffee thought.

Photo by Jake Olson

Photo by Jake Olson

The World Barista Championship will feature sixty-one (61) barista competitors from all over the globe, each of which has already triumphed in their respective National Championship. Each competitor will have 15 minutes to serve the four (4) sensory judges and one (1) technical judge a round of espressos, a round of free-form milk drinks (formerly cappuccinos), and a creative signature beverage. This event is made possible by our Qualified Sponsors: Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkoenig, Cafetto and Pentair/Everpure.

This year WCE is excited to introduce new ways to engage with the World Barista Championship online (#WBCDublin), including the new interactive Maestro live viewing site, a comprehensive events portal, and for the first round of competition, Live Scoring, which will be viewable on both platforms. Finalists will be announced at 15:30 on June 24th, and the winner will be announced at 15:30 on June 25th.



The World Brewers Cup, brought to you by Hario, has brewers competing in a blind “Compulsory Round” where they use the brew method of their choosing to prepare a standardized coffee, followed by a “Open Round,” where the competitors are free to use any coffee and present it to the sensory judges. Brita will be the Qualified Water Sponsor, and Cafetto is the Qualified Cleaning Products Sponsor. The World Brewers Cup (#WBRCDublin) will be viewable online via the usual Livestream platform. Finalists will be announced at 16:30 on June 24th, and the winner will be announced at 13:30 on June 25th.

To view the competitions in person, please register at the World Of Coffee Dublin site. Attendees at the World of Coffee Dublin show will have the chance to taste espressos prepared by the Champions, as well as espressos from a range of international roasters, at the WCE’s two Espresso Bars. The audience also has the chance to experience a range of brew methods at the Marco Beverage Systems Brew Bar, and try every World Brewers Cup competitors’ coffee on batch brew at the World Brewers Cup Serve The Audience Bar, located at the Curtis booth, as well as experience unique flavor demos from DaVinci at the Espresso Bar.

Re:co Symposium heads to Dublin June 21st-22nd for the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’s show, after a successful Re:co program at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s show in Atlanta. The event, hosted by Probat Werke, will feature over twenty (20) speakers presenting on topics ranging from research, to technology, labor, gender, communications, and the shifting business environment. Delegates will have the chance to experience a coffee service from Barista Guild of Europe certified baristas, as well as unique sensory experiences around coffee, milk, and beer. Videos of every presentation will be released online through Re:co Symposium social channels, and you can follow along for yourself at #RecoDublin.

All of these events take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge, and none of them would happen without an incredible group of volunteers, from station runners all the way to Head Judges, all of whom put in amazing efforts to keep these community-supported events alive and vibrant. The same can be said of our dedicated group of Sponsors, who year after year demonstrate their commitment to Baristas, Brewers, and the Speciality Coffee industry as a whole. The staff here at World Coffee Events can’t wait to see you all in Dublin, and best of luck to all the competitors!

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About World Coffee Events, Ltd.

World Coffee Events’ mission is to develop events that engage the specialty coffee community and promote coffee excellence. Founded in 2011 by joint cooperation of the Speciality Coffee Associations of Europe and America, World Coffee Events is the premier producer of events for the coffee community and licenses over 60 championships involving thousands of participants worldwide. For more information, visit our website at https://www.worldcoffeeevents.org.

About World Barista Championship

World Barista Championship, produced by World Coffee Events, is an annual destination for barista champions from over 60 national bodies. In each competition, with numerous local and regional preliminary events, baristas prepare espressos, cappuccinos and original espresso signature drinks to exacting standards for a panel of international judges. (www.worldbaristachampionship.org)Support from international and national companies for WBC comes from:

  • 2015-2017 Official Espresso Machine Sponsor: Victoria Arduino for their “Black Eagle” Espresso Machine (http://www.victoriaarduino.com)
  •  2015-2017 Official Grinder Sponsor: Mahlkoenig for their K30 Twin, K30 Vario, and EK43 (www.mahlkoenig.de)
  • 2015-2017 Official Cleaning Products Sponsor: Cafetto for their EVO cleaning product line (www.cafetto.com)
  • 2015-2017 Official Water Filtration Sponsor: MRS-600HE-II High Efficiency RO System Pentair Everpure (www.everpure.com)
  • Gold Sponsor: DaVinci Gourmet (www.davincigourmet.com)

About World Brewers Cup

World Brewers Cup, produced by World Coffee Events, highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting manual brewing techniques and service excellence.  With a compulsory service and an open service round competitors prepare three beverages utilizing whole bean coffee provided to them and whole bean coffee of their choosing in a presentation format to focus on the extraction and flavour profiles of each. (www.worldbrewerscup.org)

Support from international and national companies for WBrC comes from:

  • 2015 Title Sponsors: Hario
  • 2015-2017 Qualified Water Filtration Sponsor: Brita
  • 2015-2017 Official Cleaning Products Sponsor: Cafetto

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