Re:co Symposium Dublin is three weeks away, and we’ve got an exciting series of sessions lined up for attendees!

We will have over 20 speakers talking on the subjects of Business, Technology, Labor, Research, Gender, and Unification. Explore sessions in-depth here.


Nick Tolley – Taylor St. Baristas – Founder

Ben Bicknell – Strategic Projects Manager – 5 Senses

Sara Morrocchi – S.M. Consulting – Founder & Value Chain Consultant

Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos – CEO – Coffee Island

Bryan Meehan – Executive Chairman – Blue Bottle Coffee


Hanna Neuschwander – WCR Communications Director

Solomon Edossa – Chief Technical Adviser – ECX

Martin Wiesinger – Co-founder & CTO – Cropster


Cristina Talens – Founder & Director of Source Climate Change Coffee

Kim Elena Ionescu – SCAA – Director of Sustainability


Peter Giuliano – SCAA Snr Director

Anetrice Strobles-Brown – Global Sensory Manager – R&D

Ida Steen – Coffeemind – Sensory Scientist / Trainer / Researcher

Prof. Chahan Yeretzian; PhD, MBA – Head of Analytical and Physical Chemistry (ZHAW)

Bas de Groot – Milk Sommelier – Voord&WIj / Walden21


Cerianne Bury – Coffee Quality Coordinator – Trabocca

Melanie Landthaler – Independent Gender Equality Consultant

Talor Browne – Co-Founder & Head Roaster – Talor&Jørgen


Ben Pitts – SCAA President

Paul Stack – SCAE President & Operations Director Marco Beverage Systems LTD

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