AS Sensory Shanghai Group

Join a fun and dynamic coffee sensory experience debuting at WCE All-Stars Sensory Shanghai, from March 28-31! The Sensory Experience rooms are an exciting new extension of the WCE All-Stars format, where attendees will be guided through an interactive learning experience, featuring skilled coffee professionals and veterans of the World Coffee Championships.

Before sampling brewed coffee, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the fundamental aromas and flavors found in coffee, along with practical demonstrations of how these references are identified in standardized coffee evaluation.

Building on the evaluation skills learned in the previous experience, a set of perception demonstrations comes next. In a challenge that highlights the effects of senses and preference, attendees will have the opportunity to taste and evaluate brewed and espresso coffee prepared by volunteers, while experiencing the effect of other sensory stimulation.

With a foundation in sensory skills, attendees will also have a chance to taste brews from some of the five All-Stars on the main stage, grab a photograph, and even lend a hand in one of the interactive challenges!

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