FAQs: Deferred Candidacy Policy + Review of Host City Selection Criteria2017-11-28T15:53:02+00:00

FAQs: Deferred Candidacy Policy + Review of Host City Selection Criteria

A list of frequently asked questions regarding the Deferred Candidacy policy recently announced by the SCA Board of Directors and the pending review of selection criteria for future host cities of world championship events. For the latest information on this topic, visit scanews.coffee/dcpolicy.

Click to view a list of questions currently being considered by the Deferred Candidacy Policy Ad Hoc Committee.2018-03-20T14:18:02+00:00
  • Can deferment include allies?
  • How do we make the process safe and confidential?
  • What are the parameters around deferment timeline, and what deadlines exist?
  • What (if any) provisions do we need to make against potential abuse of the policy?
  • What specific rules for National Bodies exist? How will their guidelines change?
  • Are there any best practices we can look to from other industries?
  • What are representation rules?
  • Ideas of representation should be considered as more fluid. Individual competitors are representing a community, and not so attached to the idea of place. This speaks to the idea that we have many people who represent more than one area, either by virtue of birth or residence.
What is the status of the 2018 world championship events announced in the UAE, The Netherlands, and Brazil?2017-12-21T10:36:50+00:00

As stated in the November 9th announcement of the Deferred Candidacy policy, planning for the world championship events taking place in Dubai has resumed. The full list of world championship events taking place in 2018 can be found below:

  • Cezve/Ibrik Championship: February 18-22, 2018, at Gulfood, Dubai
  • World Barista Championship: June 21-23, 2018, at World of Coffee, Amsterdam
  • World Coffee Roasting Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, World Brewers Cup: November, at GulfHost, Dubai
  • World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship: November, 2018, at International Coffee Week, Brazil
Where can I learn more about the Deferred Candidacy policy and the ad hoc committee charged with creating a process to vet future site selection?2018-01-19T10:39:46+00:00

On December 21st, the SCA Board announced the creation of the Deferred Candidacy Policy Ad Hoc Committee, the Events Site Criteria Ad Hoc Committee, and the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Task Force. The DCP Ad Hoc Committee is charged with creating and releasing a policy document by March 2018. 

To meet the staff and board co-chairs leading the work of these three groups, watch the recording of January 16th webinar here. To get involved in or provide comment on the work of these groups, emails us at [email protected]

How are host cities for the seven World Championships currently selected? What are the criteria the potential host cities must meet?2017-11-28T15:14:42+00:00

Prior to unification, the parent organizations of WCE (SCAA and SCAE) would have first refusal on World Championships. The remaining Championships that were not allocated would go out to tender with a document called Request for Proposal (RFP). Details of the hosting requirements were given in the RFP for each competition. Submissions were reviewed in consideration of the host’s experience with conferences and exhibitions and ability to meet the requirements in the RFP. The host city would be considered for its areas of attraction, receptiveness for the event, and benefit to the WCE’s global representation and outreach.

The criteria for selecting host cities for international competitions did not previously consider legal issues that may have an impact on competitors, judges, volunteers and others. The current selection process and criteria will be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee developed by the SCA Board for site selection beginning with 2019 event locations. The SCA Board is committed to including human rights considerations in the revised selection criteria.

How do I apply for deferred candidacy and when is the deadline for requesting a deferment?2017-11-28T15:12:03+00:00

Information about applying and deadlines will be in the upcoming policy document. In the meantime, members of the community with urgent questions or concerns are encouraged to write to us at [email protected].

Will my reason for deferment be made public? What if a deferral could lead to revelations about myself I choose to keep private?2017-11-28T15:10:09+00:00

The privacy and security of our competitors is of utmost importance to us. A competitor’s reasons for deferment will remain strictly confidential every step of the way. The SCA/WCE will only publicly communicate the decision to defer, not the cause.

We are aware of concerns that a member of the LGBTQIA community would have to out themselves to get a deferment. We want to be clear: Coming out (or revealing any specifics of your reason for deferment) is most definitely not a requirement to deferment and we will ensure that this is stated in the policy document to be published in the coming months.

Are there specific criteria that must be met for each qualifying circumstance in order to be approved? What sort of supporting evidence/documentation is required?2017-11-28T15:04:34+00:00

These details will be included in the final policy document. We are very aware of the dangers that exist for competitors who identify as LGBTQ+ in having to out themselves or being outed by this process. We want to be clear: Coming out (or revealing any specifics of your reason for deferment) is most definitely not a requirement to deferment and we will ensure that this is stated in the policy document to be published in the coming months.

Why doesn’t the deferment policy cover people who face financial obstacles?2017-11-28T15:04:08+00:00

The Deferred Candidacy policy does not cover financial obstacles as National Bodies or Chapters currently cover travel and accommodation costs for competitors attending world championship events. Competitors with concerns around financial issues are encouraged to approach their National Bodies or Chapters who are committed to supporting the community as much as possible.

What kinds of health issues or bereavement qualify?2017-11-28T15:02:51+00:00

Details on the types of health issues or bereavement that qualify for a Deferred Candidacy will be available in the policy document to be published in the coming months. The intention of the policy is to provide opportunity, so the focus is less about documenting the reason and more about saving the competitor’s heard-earned spot in the competition. In the meantime, competitors with urgent questions or concerns are encouraged to write to us at [email protected].

Will the deferred candidacy policy include denied visa as reason for deferral?2017-11-28T15:02:25+00:00

Yes, denied visas will be covered under the Deferred Candidacy policy.

Does this the deferment policy apply to regional competitions?2018-01-30T11:40:08+00:00

The Deferred Candidacy policy applies only to champions who will represent their national bodies at the world championship events. We encourage competitors with concerns about regional competitions to contact their elected National Body or Chapter representatives.

Can certified judges and volunteers apply for Deferred Candidacy?2018-03-20T14:12:16+00:00

The Deferred Candidacy policy applies only to national champions. We want to be clear that we acknowledge, respect, and thank our judges and volunteers for investing their time and money into competitions. The objective of the DC policy is to provide options for competitors who have earned the right to compete at the international level and to address the compulsory nature of the world championship competitions.

That said, the DC policy is only the first step in the process. The SCA Board will be creating a committee to review site selection policies to help reduce instances in which judges, volunteers, competitors, and attendees might feel unsafe or unwelcome.

I’ve already booked travel, but now that this opportunity has presented itself, I would like to defer. If approved, can I get a refund for my flights/travel costs?2017-11-28T14:59:50+00:00

Travel is usually booked by the National Bodies or Chapters. WCE staff will work with them to apply the subsidy funds in a manner that helps with the travel plans. If you have any concerns about this, please email us at [email protected].

If a competitor defers, will there still be representation in the competition? The rules and regulations for each competition state that if the winner cannot attend, then the 2nd place will go and compete. Will this apply?2018-03-20T14:11:29+00:00

Yes, if a competitor defers one year, their National Body or Chapter will have the option to send the next placing champion to compete in their place. What changes with the DC policy is that now the competitor who is unable to attend the competition does not lose their spot.

If a competitor’s Deferred Candidacy application is approved, will there be two representatives from the following year?2018-01-27T20:31:21+00:00

Yes, there could be two competitors in one year. As the championships will still be annual events, the deferred candidate and the newly crowned champion would both be representing in the next world event.

In instances where champions have been granted deferment over multiple years, how many competitors from a single National Body or Chapter can be accommodated in a competition?2017-11-28T14:38:51+00:00

This is a tough question to which we don’t currently have an answer. We will certainly consider outlining clear guidelines on this in the DC policy document but it may be a case-by-case situation.

Is there a limit on the number of deferments an individual competitor can request and have approved?2017-11-28T14:38:20+00:00

This is a good question to which we currently do not have an answer. We will make sure the full policy document covers this.

Can a competitor seeking deferment communicate directly with WCE or do they have to go through their National Body or Chapter?2017-11-28T14:36:31+00:00

The application would be collected by WCE; however, we would need to notify the National Body or Chapter and align the planning for the deferral.

Was legal counsel sought in this decision?2017-11-28T14:35:57+00:00

General counsel saw and approved the announcement, but to be clear we have only announced the policy. The nuanced processes and structure that support the policy are still being written, with feedback from the community considered. An update on the DC policy and the ad hoc committee created to review site selection criteria will be available at the end of 2017.

Is the US a National Chapter of the SCA? If not, when will this happen?2017-11-28T14:35:26+00:00

The United States represents the SCA’s largest member base by country. As of yet, the US is not an official National Chapter. However, we are working on a suitable framework to establish a National Chapter in the United States in 2019. Our office in Santa Ana, California, will continue to produce the US National Coffee Championships, as this structure has been carried over from the heritage SCAA, and we hope to encourage more US-based members to volunteer and contribute to the numerous events, activities, and initiatives taking place around the US.

What kind of entity is World Coffee Events (WCE)?2017-11-28T14:34:50+00:00

World Coffee Events (WCE) is a for-profit limited company, registered in Ireland in Europe. It was established in 2011 and at its inception was co-owned by SCAA and SCAE, each holding a 50% equal share. Following unification in 2017 all assets were transferred to SCA, now holding a total 100% stake in the organization.

While WCE is a for-profit company, all profits are re-invested in WCE and SCA programs. No individuals take profits from WCE.

Who is in charge of WCE and who makes strategic and operational decisions?2017-12-04T13:57:49+00:00

WCE employs a staff of 12, based in the US, Europe, and Taiwan and is led by Cindy Ludviksen, WCE Managing Director. Cindy and her team are supported by the WCE Board of Directors and the WCE Advisory Board.

Who is on the WCE Advisory Board?2017-11-28T14:29:07+00:00

Prior to the unification of SCA, the Advisory Board was formed of the Executive Directors of the two parent associations (SCAA and SCAE), two senior staff of the parent associations, a group of volunteers appointed by the parent associations, and the Managing Director of the WCE (who was a non-voting member).

Who is on the world championships committee of the WCE Events Advisory Council and approving the deferment requests?2017-11-28T14:27:55+00:00

The committees of the Events Advisory Council are in development. In the meantime, while the DC policy document is finalized and this committee is formed, deferment requests will be handled by the current WCE Advisory Board.

What contractual obligations are in place when the host city is selected?2017-11-28T14:25:45+00:00

Like any event organizer, WCE does not announce host cities until all contracts and agreements have been signed. This is a business transaction and so a formal contract is generated and reviewed by directors and legal counsel before being signed. The contract includes the usual terms you would expect to find in a business agreement between two companies, including sanctions for reneging on said contract.

The SCA and WCE, as member-owned organizations, have a duty to the membership to fulfill agreements and contractual obligations.

Why haven’t you published the contract between WCE and partners for the 2018 world championship events?2017-11-28T14:25:12+00:00

Contracts include confidentiality clauses, which is why we have not and cannot publish them.