Project Description

Manuela Fensore
Musetti Caffe’

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been working in coffee for the last 4 years. When I met my coach Luigi Lupi I immediately started to love latte art. I love it so much that I practice 8 hours a day.

How did you get started in coffee?:

4 years ago in partnership with Carmen Clemente, I opened the Bar Lady Coffee Shop. Then I felt the need to train, and I started to follow SCA Certifications.

Please list the coffee competitions you have participated in, what year they took place, and your results:

January 2018 was the first time I’ve entered a WCE competition.

What are you excited to do while you are in Brazil?:

I would like to visit coffee plantations.

What is the most unusual vessel you have poured latte art into?:

The blind filter is the most unusual vessel I have used.

What is your secret to making great latte art?:

Practicing a lot and sharing my experience with my coach and other latte artists.

What are your interests outside of coffee?:

I have a child, Leonardo, who is 6 years old. The rest of my time is spent with him.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:

Going around the world teaching— still in the field of coffee.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or recognize, or who helped you to prepare for the competition?:

A huge thank you to my coach, Luigi Lupi, one of the best female teachers, Chiara Bergonzi, the artist, Martina Lupi, and to Musetti Caffè, who gave me the chance to use the Premier Training Campus Academy. Thank you to SCA Italy, San Remo Coffee Machines, Water and More, DM Italia, my friends Valeria and Walter, who will travel to Belo Horizonte, and finally my partner, Carmen Clemente.

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