Project Description

Kimberly Yer

Kimberly Yer, born in Singapore in mid December 1977, has spent most of her time in the Food and Beverage Industry since graduating. She started in the coffee industry as a part-time barista in a global coffee chain and discovered her passion for coffee and how it connects people. Having worked her way up from a part-time barista to a managerial position, she decided to take the leap into the larger world and into different global companies related to coffee, which allowed her to widen her horizons— meeting people of different cultures and drinking habits.

She started judging in the National Barista Championship with The Singapore Coffee Association since 2006 and has been involved in the annual organizing of National Barista Championship since 2008.  Acting as a Vice President for the Singapore Coffee Association since 2011, the Singapore Coffee Association started to organize more competitions, from a single Barista Championship to five competitions now (Barista / Latte Art / Coffee in Good Spirits / Brewers / Cup Tasters).

She is also very hands-on in coaching and guiding the younger group of coffee lovers to contribute in a myriad of ways towards the organizing of National Championship and other related coffee events in ASEAN.  Forming various committees from marketing, pre-competition committees, to competition operation, she guided the team on how to successfully run the competitions from planning to execution.

Encouraged by World Coffee Events Representatives, she decided to have herself certified by World Coffee Events in World Barista Championship judging so as to better understand the dynamics and purpose of using competition to drive awareness in the local coffee industry for both baristas and consumers. She has judged in WBC Seattle 2015, WBC Dublin 2016 and WBC Seoul 2017.

Kimberly is currently working with BUNN-O-MATIC as a Regional Sales Manager for South East Asia and Oceania and at the same time, still passionately driving the local coffee industry to elevating and creating awareness on the quality of the coffee to consumers and baristas through various events.