The 2019 World Barista Championship Team Competition roster has now been announced! 65 different sanctioned National Bodies are sending Champions representing coffee communities around the globe to compete in Boston for the title of World Barista Champion. Each national body representative has also been placed on one of ten WBC Teams with five to six other national bodies, based on historical ranking, as a way to build coffee community, and as a way for team members to win a wild-card position ranking into the semi-finals.

During the preliminary round, the teams support each other and work together on bar to serve fans, but still give their own individual performances. At the end of the preliminary round, the ranking of each of the team members individual performances is combined and averaged, and the team with the highest score is declared the WBC Teams winner. As winners, team members receive the opportunity to be invited to upcoming WCE All-Stars events, and the highest-scoring member of the winning team whose score has not already placed them into semifinals receives a “wild-card” placement into the semifinal round of sixteen competitors.

We’re excited to cheer all of the teams on this year in Boston! Don’t miss your chance to try coffee from them at the Team Bar, and cheer them on yourself live or online!

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India China Poland Ireland New Zealand
Norway Colombia South Africa Japan Peru
Panama Lithuania Switzerland Nicaragua Philippines
Romania UAE USA Turkey UK
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