The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is proud to announce new qualified sponsors for upcoming World Coffee Championships (WCC) seasons–Cafetto is the Qualified Cleaning sponsor for the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, and World Cup Tasters Championship; BRITA is the Qualified Water Filtration sponsor for the World Brewers Cup and World Cup Tasters Championship; Sage is the Qualified Brewer sponsor for the World Cup Tasters Championship; and Breville is the Exclusive Coffee Brewer sponsor for the World Brewers Cup.

The World Coffee Championships (WCC) are made possible thanks to the support and dedication of a wide array of organizations and individuals. Integral to that support are qualified sponsors, the manufacturers who provide the equipment and products that competitors use on stage. These sponsors sign multi-year agreements to support the strategic growth of the competitions, and dedicate time and resources to ensure that every world championship competitor is using the same high-quality equipment. 

“We are delighted to see these outstanding companies and products recognized as WCC Qualified Sponsors,” said Yannis Apostolopoulos, SCA Chief Executive Officer. “We are honored to work with them over the coming years in pursuing our common goal of promoting coffee excellence worldwide. Their continued support extends far beyond the WCCs and includes other major SCA programs, including free resources and events for the global coffee community.”

“Our mission to provide the best coffee experience at home starts with our support of the specialty coffee industry”, said Phil McKnight, General Manager Global Specialty Coffee with Breville|Sage.” “We are immensely proud to be an official sponsor of the World Brewers Cup & World Cup Tasters Championship and to be able to continue our critical work, research, and partnership with the SCA.”

“Being the official sponsor of the World Brewers Cup & World Cup Tasters makes us extremely proud”, said Thomas Hörning, Director Strategic Marketing Professional Filter with BRITA. “We are very pleased to continue our long and successful partnership with the SCA. After all – a cup of coffee is 98% water, so the right type of H20 is vital. BRITA looks forward to sharing its water filtration expertise with the specialty coffee community.”

“It is with pride that we are now an official sponsor of the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, and World Cup Tasters Championship”, said Christopher Short, Managing Director of Cafetto. “Cafetto is a collective of people passionate about coffee. We work closely with industry leaders in the pursuit of brewing perfection through clean equipment. Of course, the art of the barista is crucial to this endeavour. It fills our hearts with joy to assist in promoting their craft by bringing together the world’s best to showcase their skills.”

Manufacturers submit their equipment and products for performance testing in order to be eligible for qualified sponsorship. Testing for this round of the WCC Qualified Sponsorships took place in Milan, Italy, in October 2021.