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Nuova Simonelli 2016 WBC



Featured at IWCA Convention, 3rd – 5th August

The All-Stars

Amanda Juris
2014 WCTC Finalist

Sarah Jean Anderson
2015 WBrC Finalist

World Coffee Events (WCE) and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) are partnering to produce a WCE All-Stars event in Puebla, celebrating female baristas from around the world. IWCA Chapter participants will be grouped with WCE All Stars, to participate in a series of demonstrations and challenges on stage

The Participants

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Graciele Rodrigues, Brazil

2016 National Barista Champion

Mary Portillo, Honduras

2016 National Barista Champion

Miriam Aldana Romero

3rd Place, 2016 Mexican National Barista Championship

Poonam Kumari, India

Frida Mendoza Chávez

Nanelly Marcial Velasquez

Ariana Medina García, Peru

Annet Nyakaisiki, Uganda


Follow @wcoffeeevents and #ASPuebla for updates!

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Qualified Sponsors


Nuova Simonelli 2016 WBC


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