The 2018 World Latte Art Championship has just wrapped up its second day here at the 2018 Brazil World Coffee Championships, with competitors representing China, Poland, Malaysia, South Korea, Greece and Australia moving onto the Finals of the World Latte Art Championship

Today the 12 semi-finalists competed on-stage, creating two matching sets of different free-pour latte patterns, and one matching set of free-pour macchiatos. Join us from 12:30 PM (GMT-2) tomorrow, Friday November 9th, to catch all the action, alongside the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship!

The World Latte Art Championship is supported by Qualified Sponsors, Sanremo, Anfim, Urnex, Pentair/Everpure.

Qualified Sponsors: Sanremo, Anfim, Urnex, Pentair/Everpure
Espresso & Dairy Sponsors: Café 3 Corações, Itambé
Product Sponsors: LOVERAMICS, Flavors
Event Sponsors: BSCA, Apex
Judge Program Sponsors: Capricornio Coffees, Monte Alegre Coffees